Common Florida Ants

Acrobat, Argentine & Ghost Ants Found in Florida

The ant is the most common household pest that home owners will ever come into contact with. Ants are excellent scavengers and will fit through the smallest crack or crevice to gain access into your home. Once inside of your home, ants will immediately begin searching for a reliable food and water source. Ants have a remarkable sense of smell and are able to locate food from far off distances. Once an ant finds the location of a reliable food source, it will leave an invisible scented trail for the other ants in its colony to follow, leading them from nest to food, back and forth. Florida is home to several species of ant pest.

Acrobat Ant Identification & Damage

One of the most common ants that calls Florida its home is the acrobat ant. The acrobat ant is light brown to darkish black in color. Acrobat ants nest outside in soil, leaves or wood. This makes your garden an excellent place for the acrobat ant to live and build a large nest. Acrobat ants also reside indoors, finding shelter in building voids and insulation. Another popular place that acrobats are found is in old termite tunnels. Acrobat ants generally eat foods that are sweet, grease and proteins.

Argentine Ant Supercolony

The Argentine ant is another species that occupies much of Florida. The Argentine ant is very shiny in appearance and brown in color. Argentine ants also prefer moist areas, but rather than soil, they will find refuge in places like under logs, concrete slabs, debris and mulch. Florida is a perfect environment for the Argentine ant to settle down in, as it provides the perfect climate for this species to thrive. Argentine ants build large colonies and can move extremely rapidly. During the winter, these ants will move indoors, which can cause quite an issue for home owners.

Ghost Ant Infestation

The ghost ant is pale in the rear and dark on its head. The legs of the ant are also pale in color. Ghost ants thrive on moisture; a common characteristic of ants in Florida, which is why there are so many different ant species living here. Florida’s climate is prime for breeding and nest building for these tiny insects. The ghost ant will usually nest outdoors in gardens or potted plants. If a ghost ant colony is successful in gaining access into your home, they will begin to build additional nests behind your base boards, in wall voids and cabinets. If you are experiencing an ant problem within your home or on your property, contact PestMax today.