Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Questions & Answers

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What do they Look Like, Where are they Found, How do you Know if you Have them & How to Get Rid of them!

We all have heard in our lifetime the commonly used bed time phrase, “good night, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite…” Well there is a reason that good night wish become so popular. There are such a thing as bed bugs that bite you during your slumber. Of course, not every bed is infested with bedbugs. But we will let you know how to tell and how to deal with the issue.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like to the Human Eye?

Bedbugs are flat, wingless insects. They are tiny; approximately 0.25 inches long. They range in color, but are most commonly white or brown. They turn a rusty red hue after feeding and like the mosquito; bed bugs feed on animal or human blood.

Where are Bed Bugs Found in the Home & Other Buildings & How do they Travel?

Obviously bed bugs get their name from the fact they like to hide in beds, specifically the mattress or the bedding. They generally hide during the day and are active at night to feed, but they can go weeks in between meals. Bedbugs are a world- wide terror. They are typically found in hotels, motels, or apartment complexes where there is a large number of people coming and going. Many times bedbugs hitch a ride on luggage, pillows, furniture, packages and trash. They don’t hide in beds all the time, they will also hide in floors, furniture and wood too.

How do you Know if you Have Bed Bugs?

The first sign will probably be red itchy bites found on your skin; usually on your arms or shoulders.  A dead giveaway is if you see the bugs themselves. They usually hide along the seams of your mattress. You may also notice tiny blood stains along your sheets or bedding.

Treatment for a Bed Bug Bite

Begin by washing the bite with warm water and soap to reduce the risk of infection. Calamine Lotion or anti-itch cream should be applied to minimize the itching sensation. If you appear to be the banquet at a grand event and have multiple bites, and oatmeal bath may be beneficial. Ice packs can reduce the swelling. If the bite becomes infected, see your doctor.

How do you Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are extremely difficult to get rid of. Their tiny frames allows hiding in many places and they also lay their eggs in these tiny crevices and nooks. Hiring a professional from PestMax is in all reality the best solution. After the bedbugs lose the war, and the specialists from PestMax hails victorious, be sure to clean. Vacuuming the home thoroughly is recommended along with washing any bedding or fabrics that a bedbug could have come in contact with. Wash and dry everything on the hottest heat cycle you have. Once the offending insects are gone, don’t be victimized by their presence again. If you travel; inspect your lodging and when packing for the return trip, observe your clothes and luggage to make certain no little critters decide to accompany you back home.