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Termites! Can they eat my boat?

They sure can! The National Pest Management Association lists termites as the most destructive wood-boring insect in the U.S. The damage they cause costs more than 5 billion dollars annually; more than floods and fires combined! And they don’t just target homes and business. Their destructive habits can reach your boats too! If you are thinking of buying or selling a boat in the Naples and Fort Myers area PestMax® can inspect it for termite infestation.


PestMax® boat fumigation technicians are skilled and experienced in the effective elimination of termites from your boat. The process begins much in the same way as home fumigation. We tent your boat to create a sealed environment. Having your ship completely sealed in will ensure that the pesticides released will remain within the boat and not affect the surrounding area. The fumigant is then released in the correct amount, ensuring all insects, pests, or rodents are eliminated. Your boat is then ventilated, allowing the poisonous gasses to escape. This process leaves your boat safe and termite free.


PestMax® offers boat fumigation as a specialty service. Pricing is determined on a case by case basis.  It is our personal guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the service you receive. Fumigation is the most effective pest control method to remove large infestations of termites, bed bugs, cockroaches and rodents. We have an entire team of trained staff members ready to implement our fumigation services: we do not outsource our fumigation services to other companies for service implementation.

Boat Fumigation On The Water

PestMax understands that you may not have the time or money to drydock your boat for fumigation. We make it easy by fumigating your boat right on the water. Call us today for your free water boat fumigation inspection.

Boat Fumigation Safety

Tent Fumigation Preparation & Safety

PestMax® is a professional pest control company who is fully licensed to fumigate and tent your boat for the proper removal of pests and rodents. The technicians at PestMax® are fully certified to carry out this service and leave your home free and clear of insect infestations. Fumigation is a hazardous operation and requires the highest level of experience, to ensure that your boat is safe for you and your family. PestMax® technicians take every precaution while preparing for and during the process of fumigation and tenting, making your home a pest free dwelling and a safe living environment post fumigation as well. After the fumigant is properly vented, no toxic gas remains in the home.

Proper Safety from the Dangers of Fumigation Tenting

PestMax® technicians are skilled and experienced in post operation ventilation, ensuring that the air in your boat is completely clear and clean of any poisonous chemicals or pesticides. The most common gas used during the fumigation and tenting process is sulfuryl fluoride. Sulfuryl fluoride is toxic to humans who inhale it, and at high levels of concentration or extended periods of exposure the gases can lead to death. The technicians at PestMax® use different techniques to minimize human exposure and secure your boat. Some of these techniques include tear gas, locks and barricades on all entryways.

Professional Fumigation to Minimize Health Risks

When the PestMax® technicians have completed the fumigation process inside of your boat, the tent over the treatment area is removed and the fumigant gasses diffuse into the air. Following six to eight hours of ventilation, your PestMax® technician will use devices to detect trace amounts of sulfuryl fluoride in the air. Re-entry into the boat is not permitted until sulfuryl fluoride levels are one part per million or less. PestMax® technicians will make sure your home is completely safe to enter after the fumigation process has been completed. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

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