New Cockroach Breed Just Found in Florida!

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There is a new species of cockroach that has been found in Florida. Marc C. Minno is a scientist who inadvertently found the new species of cockroach while organizing files in his office. Quite controversial, he said that he would describe it as beautiful. That is just not a word that most people would use to describe insects and bugs they come across in their daily lives. How did Minno find this new cockroach? He was moving into a new office and as he was unpacking his folders to put them away, he noticed a small ½ inch cockroach fall out. Most people would run away or quickly smash it with their shoe, but not Minno. He is a scientist and has written books on butterflies and moths and has always had an interest in all bugs and insects. When he saw this cockroach he noticed that it didn’t look anything like any other cockroach he had seen so he decided to pick it up to look at it further.

Types of Cockroaches Commonly Found in Florida

The majority of cockroaches that are found throughout the state of Florida are the American, German and Florida Wood Cockroach. They are seen often because they love the humidity and the moisture that encompasses Florida. This new cockroach has been described as a chocolate covered skateboard. It has a tan color trim around the outside and seems to have a ruby colored spot that is near the head.

Pale Bordered Field Cockroach Pseudomops Septentrionalis

The new species was identified as a cockroach native to Costa Rico and Mexico called Pseudomops septentrionalis or Hebard. The cockroach has spread to the United States recently and has been found in other states besides Florida, such as Louisiana and Alabama. The cockroach must have made its way here hitchhiking on freight trucks or travelers since they cannot fly well enough to make it to Florida any other way.

Control of Bacteria Carrying Cockroaches

The problem with this new species is the same problem that comes with any kind of cockroach. They have the ability to spread up to 33 different kinds of bacteria. This is why you don’t want to see any inside your home. They can be spreading germs and bacteria that your family can be coming in contact with. If you are experiencing a problem with any type of cockroach or any other household pest and you want them removed from your home, call PestMax to make an appointment to have your home serviced.