Flea Infestation: Treatment & Control

Florida is home to many different species of insects, rodents and wildlife, which can make life pretty interesting for some Florida residents. We’ve all read the newspaper articles of a homeowner waking up to an alligator in their swimming pool, a snake in their living room or some other species of wildlife chilling out in the yard. Florida provides an environment that most creatures can thrive in and grow their population quickly. One of the most annoying insects that occupy Florida is the flea. There are 19 different species of flea in Florida and each of them is equally frustrating to deal with.

Cat, Dog, Human & Sticktight Flea Infestations

A man’s best friend is his dog but a flea is the farthest thing from a friend that a dog could have. Most pet owners can tell when their pet has a flea problem. Pets will generally begin biting and scratching themselves almost uncontrollably to stop the fleas from irritating them. The worst part about having a pet with fleas is that this is often the starting point of fleas getting spread around your home. Fleas can jump up to 2 feet in distance, making it quite easy for them to jump from one ride to another as they grow their numbers and infest your home. Female fleas are capable of laying eggs in as short as 48 hours after a meal. Their meal consists of sucking blood from a host like your pet or even you.

Flea Pest Inspections, Prevention, Control & Removal in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Estero and Naples, Florida

One of the biggest ways that fleas get spread around your home is that the fleas on your pets will lay eggs and those eggs do not stick very well to your pet, so rather than staying on your pets coat, they end up falling all over your home, wherever your pet has been wandering around. The eggs that fall to the ground will now hatch and you will have fleas in your carpet, in your bedroom and many other areas. This is how a flea infestation gets completely out of control. Fleas are sneaky and are excellent at hiding within the fibers of your carpet. One way to determine whether or not you have a flea problem is by putting on a pair of white socks, most of the time, if fleas are present they will jump onto the white socks and will be easily visible. If you suspect that fleas are inside of your home, contact a professional pest control company such as PestMax immediately.