What is Fumigation? Preparation, Process & Safety Tips

The amount of insects that continue to invade homes is increasing every day. Some of these situations can be controlled by better protecting your home from these sneaky insects, while other situations are quite simply unavoidable due to the area you live in and the amount of insects and other pests that are ever present in your environment. Most homeowners take on the task of pest control by themselves thinking that they can easily remove the pests without a problem. Unfortunately this is hardly ever the case, as pests are much more difficult to remove than many homeowners are willing to first admit. Once an infestation has been discovered, homeowners are quick to make the smart choice of hiring a professional pest control service to take care of the problem.

What is the Fumigation Procedure?

One of the most successful methods used to remove insects that have infested a home is fumigation. The fumigation of a home is often used to combat against the presence of bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas and other hard to remove insects that can cause a great deal of damage to your home and harm to your family. Fumigation by a professional pest control service like PestMax involves the process of incorporating a specific type of chemical, also known as fumigant, which is applied to the entire area that houses the insect problem. To be done effectively, this involves tenting and sealing the entire home.

Roach, Bed Bug, Flea & Other Pest Fumigation Preparation

If your home has fallen victim to a pest infestation, hiring a professional pest control service to fumigate your home will result in the complete removal of the pests. The pest control service will instruct and assist you in properly preparing your home for fumigation. Removing pets from the home and any other items that could potentially be damaged form the fumigation are steps to take for proper preparation.

What to do After Fumigation

One important factor to consider during fumigation is to take precautionary measures to stay away from the home or area that is being fumigated while the area is still sealed. Don’t be in a hurry to return back to your home or place of business, but allow the area to be properly ventilated and cleaned before entering back into the premises. If your home or place of business is experiencing a pest infestation of any kind and requires fumigation services, look no further than PestMax. Our skilled technicians are experienced in successfully fumigating the area that has been infested and completely removing the presence of all pests, insects and rodents. Contact PestMax today for courteous and professional pest control service.

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