Pest Control Cape Coral

Pest Control Cape Coral

Searching for Pest Control in Cape Coral?

Look no further than PestMax Pest Control Solutions

From the Caloosahatchee River to Kismet Parkway, Cape Coral is one Southwest Florida’s largest cities, and home to more than 700,000 residents. This peninsula city has the unique distinction of having more canals than any city in the world. Unfortunately, the great weather and clear waterways are just as attractive to insects, rodents, and parasites as they are to Cape Coral’s human residents. Keeping those skittering, squirming, armies out of your home or business and stopping them from returning is simple with PestMax.

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When we discover pests living inside of our residence uninvited and bent on dining on our homes, sleeping in our beds, hanging out under our refrigerators we want them out immediately. Pests are a nuisance at best, and a danger to your home and your health at their worst. When you see them you know. They need to go!

Pest Control Cape Coral - Fight the Pest Menace!

Join us as we fight the good fight. We can eliminate pests found in your Cape Coral home, office, restaurants, apartments, even your boat!

Our PestMax Pest Control Specialists are consistent, reliable, and most importantly, we know our enemy. Our technicians have been trained to follow the tracks, droppings, and signs to determine exactly what type of insect, rodent, or parasite is living inside your property. We then attack the pest menace at the source using pet friendly methods.

Our pest removal process handles your infestation quickly, professionally, and using the correct measures to ensure your Cape Coral home or business is free of insects and rodents. When you are on the search for Pest Control in Cape Coral make PestMax your first call and find peace of mind fast. All initial pest inspections are free, our prices are competitive, and you can save when you bundle extermination and prevention packages.


Why choose us as your Cape Coral Pest Control heroes?

Since 1999, PestMax has been a leader in Cape Coral pest control and prevention. What makes us unique is our custom extermination and prevention plans specific to each client’s need and circumstances. Our pest control experts are trained specialists.



The Cape Coral Pest Control heroes of PestMax have answered the call since 1999. When an insect scurries across your floor in the middle of the night, PestMax sends a cockroach crushing hero to answer the call. When rodent droppings sneak their way into the back corners of your cabinets, PestMax is there to search and destroy. When flying insects terrorize your screened-in pool, PestMax answers. Let us be there for you! When the pest menace calls, we are the answer.

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