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It is that time of the year that flying kamikazes are not to be messed with. Bees, Wasps, Hornets and Yellow Jackets are the stingers that come hand in hand with the summer season. Most of the time if you leave them alone they will do the same. However routine yard work like mowing the lawn causes vibration and if these vibrations come too close to the hive, the stinging insects will perceive it as danger and the chase will be on! They are an important part of the environment, but when they build their hives close to homes and businesses, tragedy can result. If you find a hive close to your premises, stay calm and call PestMax®.

What If I Find A Hive Close To My Home Or Business?

It is a dangerous activity to attempt to remove a hive or wasp nest without the proper protection and knowledge. The DIY method is strongly discouraged; every summer there are stories about someone that has been harmed due to an attack from honeybees. If there is a hive near your home or business, causing you increased anxiety each time you walk out the door, it is best to call a professional for an assessment of the problem. PestMax® has technicians that are able to get to you quickly to determine the best plan of attack! When it comes to any of these stinging insects it is always best to leave the job for PestMax® Pest Control and Termite Services!



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Attack of the Stingers!

What to do and not to do when you are being chased:

  • Do not run in a zig-zag pattern to try to out smart them; they are far better at it than you are!
  • Rather run straight for a place of refuge and shut the door quickly!
  • Jumping in water won’t work either; they will all congregate above you and wait you out. You are just giving them time to call for more reinforcements. By this time the pheromones are raging and they are mad!
  • Swatting at them just makes them angrier and will not help you escape!

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