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About the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System

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Over the years PestMax® has tested many methods for the treatment of termite infestations. We have found the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System to be successful in the destruction of the entire termite colony. We believe that educating our clients on our prevention techniques is just as important as as a successful pest elimination. To that end, we wanted to take some time to explain the Sentricon® system.

How it works

Sentricon® is designed to eliminate the entire termite colony by taking advantage of termite behavior. To understand how it works it’s important to know how termites function. Within the termite colony, the workers are constantly searching for food, which is the cellulose found in the wood structures of your home. When they discover a food source they produce a pheromone trail that attracts additional termites.

The worker termites eat the cellulose and head back to the colony. Once there, the digested food is regurgitated and eaten by additional member of the colony.

When you call us to protect your have from termite infestation, a PestMax® certified technician arrives at your home and installs Sentricon® bait stations. These stations create a perimeter of protection around your home and other structures you may have on your property. Within these stations are cellulose that include a material which inhibits the ability of termites to molt, eliminating them. The worker termites ingest this material and transfer it to other colony members. This process happens within 3-6 months after application.

Your specialist will return to your property on an ongoing basis to insure the bait stations are well stocked.

Green Termite Control

Eco-friendly pest control is very important to us. Sentricon® minimizes the use of harmful pest control products, keeping your home termite free and your home and property safe from the overuse of material that can cause harm to your family, pets, and the environment.

If you suspect a termite infestation contact PestMax® today to schedule your free termite pest control inspection in Southwest Florida. Our PestMax® heroes are here to help!

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