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What many pest control companies won’t tell you is that when it comes to pest infestations expect a series of battles within a never-ending war. This is especially true of condominium pest control. Know that owner and property manager responsibilities for condo pest control can vary, so always review your condo documents before taking the next steps when you require Condominium pest control.

What you should know about rodent pest control if you live in a Condo

You can keep your condo or apartment squeaky clean, but still attract squeaky pests. Rodents aren’t just looking for a meal, they are also looking for warm places to live and breed. Inside walls, attics, crawl spaces, or behind washer and dryers are just some spaces rodents love to use for as nesting grounds.

Because condominiums are often full of noises it can be hard to detect the sounds of rodents living in your walls. However, there are some sure signs of infestation including:

  • Power outlets that don’t work because rodents have eaten through the wires
  • Rodent droppings (dark brown and about the size and shape of a grain of rice)
  • Rub marks – smudges and dark marks caused by rodents following the same trail

If you suspect a rodent infestation contact your pest control company asap. Rodents carry diseases that could affect your family’s health.

Realistic Expectations are Important

When it comes to condo pest control, a lot of factors are out of your hands as a resident. If you discover pests in your condo you are often at the mercy of the pest control company the property management has decided upon. And we hate to say it, but often when it comes to condo pest control: best = cheapest.

Another issue is your fellow residents. You may be doing your due diligence to keep your counters clean and your food securely packaged, but your next-door neighbor may not. This can result in an ongoing infestation in your condominium, as pests such as ants and cockroaches who are drawn to your neighbors home could take the opportunity to expand into your space.

If you suspect that your property manager isn’t doing everything to effectively manage your pest control (as determined by your Association) consider asking for a second opinion. Many professional pest control companies offer free pest control inspections.

Educate yourself on what a good exterminator looks like

When your exterminator arrives at your condo be on the lookout for the following signs of a great exterminator:

They inspect your space: If your pest control guy starts spraying pesticides all over your unit before performing an inspection, he could be filling your home with unnecessary amounts of chemicals that could be harmful to your family.

They are knowledgeable about safe pest control: Pest control has changed from the days of spraying chemical all over your home. Today’s pest control experts understand that smart pest control involves environmentally friendly options that are pet friendly.

Discover more Tips for Selecting a Pest Control Service

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