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Fumigation for Bed Bugs, is this My Best Option?

Fumigation for Bed Bugs, is this your best option? | Pestmax® Pest Control of Southwest Florida

Discovering a bed bug infestation is frustrating. It usually begins with a few bites that you may ignore, until it gets so bad that you can’t take it anymore. It’s not only a great inconvenience to deal with, bed bugs are resilient little pests, making them difficult to remove.

What makes a bed bug infestation so hard to eradicate is that their living situation is the same as yours. Bed bugs live in couches, beds, suitcases, and clothes. When dealing with a severe bed bug infestation in your home, many people turn to what we call in the pest industries, the nuclear option – fumigation. Specifically, bed bug fumigation.

The bed bug fumigation process works like a termite fumigation: Tent, Inject Gas, Destroy.

Yes, spraying, vacuuming, and steaming may work, although it is difficult to be bed bug free after one treatment if at all.

But what if you didn’t have to douse your home with liquid chemicals to deal with your bed bug problem?

Did you know that fumigation isn’t the only option for bed bugs?

Heat can go where chemicals can’t.

Properly performed bed bug heat treatments leave nowhere for bed bugs to hide, and they often work in just one treatment. Here’s how it works:

Once your pest control specialist confirms your infestation it’s time for the big guns. 500,000 BTU heaters are brought in along with fans and equipment to make sure the heat is evenly distributed throughout your home. The temperature is monitored throughout treatment by temperature sensors to ensure your rooms reach the optimum bed bug killing temperature and stay there throughout treatment.

How hot does it need to be to end a bed bug infestation?

117°F-125F°F – Lethal for adult bed bugs

125°F or Higher – Lethal to bed bug eggs

Not all Pest Control Companies are created equal when it comes to Bed Bug Pest Control

The PestMax ® bed bug treatment philosophy forgoes the old ineffective liquid chemical methods in favor of clean and green heat. Our skilled and trained technicians use heat to penetrate where traditional chemicals can’t. The result is a complete kill of bed bugs at all stages of the lifecycle.