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How to Prepare for Pest Control Treatment

How to Prepare for Pest Control Treatment | PestMax Pest Control Blog

When it comes to successful pest control treatments preparation is always half the battle. There are two reasons for this. The first, and of course the most important, is to ensure the safety of everyone in your home before, during, and after treatment. The second reason to prepare for pest control treatment is to help make sure treatments are as effective as possible.

Below you will discover some general tips for pest control prep. Be aware that this should serve as a general guide and that your professional pest control specialist will be able to provide you with specific preparation guidelines.

Preparing your Home for a Pest Control Treatment

  • De-clutter your corners
  • Open your curtains/shades
  • Cover infant cribs
  • Put away all toys
  • Keep pets securely outside during treatment
  • If you have fish/reptiles in tanks cover any exposed sections
  • Cover and store all food items

Specific Pests

Bed Bugs

  • Only take essentials, leave as much as you can in the home during treatment
  • All clothing and washable fabrics should be washed in hot water and dried in hot heat
  • Vacuum all cracks and crevices and discard the vacuum bag within a plastic bag



  • Clean your home
  • Cover and store any food
  • Vacuum everywhere
  • Move appliances away from the wall (whenever possible)
  • Remove trash


Termite Tenting

  • Throw away, remove or bag perishable food items during treatment
  • Remove plants
  • Open all interior doors
  • Make sleeping accommodations as you will not be able to stay in your home during treatment


Ant Control

  • Vacuum and clean
  • Remove any open food sources
  • Remove any trash
  • Do not leave pet food out
  • Rinse recyclables thoroughly


Rodent Control

  • Cover and store all food
  • Inspect for holes and repair them
  • Remove places where rodents may shelter and build nests
  • Clean areas where food debris may accumulate (under stove, refrigerator)


Flea Treatment

  • Wash pet bedding in hot water (or, if possible, remove it completely from home)
  • Wash all home linens in hot water
  • Vacuum carpeted floors and furniture and remove vacuum bag when complete
  • Mop hard floors
  • Your pet should be treated for fleas at the same time as your home
  • Your yard will also need to be treated, so remove all pet bedding and toys


Pest Control Treatment works best when preparation guidelines are followed to the letter. And speaking of pest control treatment, if you live in Southwest Florida and are looking for a professional pest control company, look no further than PestMax. Our cultivated team of pest control specialists have been trained to take on the toughest pest control problems that south Florida can throw at us. Bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, rodents, ants, fleas, and more. Call (239) 454-4888 for a free pest inspection.