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What to look for in commercial pest control

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If you own a business, you know that a pest problem is no joke. Your sales, reputation, and the safety of your customers all depend on an effective pest control solution. Finding the right pest control company means asking the right questions (and getting the right answers). When looking for the right commercial pest control company in southwest Florida, ask the following questions.

Can you customize your pest control services?

You may know that you will need monthly, ongoing pest control to deal with an ant problem in your business, but what about that unexpected termite swarm that appeared after a rainy evening?
When searching for the right pest control company always ask if they make it easy to add to, remove, or tweak your pest control service. Be on the lookout for a company that can accommodate any changes to your service, and be sure to ask if you can save by adding more pest control services.

Will I have a dedicated bug guy for my business?

Seeing the same friendly face every month is pleasant, but that’s not the only reason you should have the same bug guy. A local pest control technician knows the area – he knows what pests are active during every season, and which ones are active no matter the season. Most importantly, he knows your space.
A consistent pest control technician will also become acquainted with knowing where those crawly little buggers like to hide, breed, and explore, and that can make all the difference when an unexpected infestation appears and needs to be stopped as soon as possible.

And speaking of my bug guy . . .

PestMax® Pest Control Technicians are certified and highly experienced in searching for and destroying any un-invited pests in your home or business. A pest control hero is just a phone call away!
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Will my exterminator arrive on time?

This question is a little tricky. Any pest control company you ask will assure you they will arrive on time, but we have all had experiences where that just doesn’t happen.
The best pest control companies say they will arrive on time, and prove it.

Will the pesticides hurt my customers, pets, environment, or any beneficial insects?

Many one-man pest control companies use the ‘spray everything and leave’ method. Established pest control companies should know better. Smart and ecofriendly pest control companies are committed to attacking pests in a targeted manner, reducing the need for harmful pesticides that can hurt your family and pets.

PestMax® treats Southwest Florida with 3PMAX Integrated Pest Management. Our modern pest control service eliminates pests without harming beneficial insects, and providing the least impact to the environment.

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