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Pest Control for HOAs, Condo Associations, and Property Managers

Pest Control for HOAs, Condo Associations, and Property Managers | PestMax Pest Control

Who is responsible for Pest Control?

The homeowner/renter or the association?

The responsibilities concerning pest control for both HOAs and Condo Associations in Florida often vary by community. However, in some cases unit owners are responsible for pest control inside of their homes or condos, while the association handles pest control in the common areas.

In theory, this makes sense. In reality, it can often cause issues when it comes to the best solution for eradicating a pest infestation.

For example, let’s say your clubhouse is experiencing a swarming termite infestation. Your association will communicate with the pest control company they contract with.

Now, it would be great if you could just eliminate the infestation in in the clubhouse, but unfortunately there’s a good chance that if they are in one building they are making their way through buildings nearby. Association heads now need to contact every member of the community who in turn need to contact their individual pest control people. What if it’s summertime and a large amount of the community is up north?

Without a clear plan for how to deal with a community wide pest control infestation there is a good chance that you will end up going in circles in an attempt to stop a foe with so many hiding spots.

What’s the solution?

A large scale community pest control effort should be coordinated through one pest control company, and the extermination of all buildings and common areas needs to happen simultaneously. There are many ways to handle this situation including:

  • Contract a single pest control company – meet with board members and residents to determine the company who best meets your needs.
  • Develop a plan for large scale infestation – as long as every community member is doing their due diligence there may be no need for a uniformed attack. However, if an emergency situation occurs have a plan in place to deal with it.


Pest Control for Property Managers and HOAs in Naples, Florida

PestMax® Pest Control heroes have the experience and professionalism required of a great Naples pest control company. More importantly, we have the manpower required to take on the unique needs of property managers and HOAs. Free inspections mean you will know what type of pest menace you are dealing with on our first visit. We’ll then gear up and send the right heroes for the job to find the source and discover the best treatment course. When PestMax® goes after your pest control problem we set out and set to search and destroy. Regular maintenance means we will make sure the infestation doesn’t return.

HOA Pest Elimination

Interior Services include

  • Common Areas
  • Clubhouse
  • Restrooms
  • Storage Facilities

Exterior Services include

  • Baiting for insects and rodents
  • Monitor and treatment of high risk and high volume areas – trash, walking paths, mail boxes, etc.