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Pet-Friendly Pest Control in Naples, Florida

Pet-Friendly Pest Control Naples, Florida | PestMax Naples Pest Control Blog

Your pet is an extension of your family.

Dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and yes even fish; there is no denying that pets are popular here in Naples. We take them everywhere with us. Shopping, the beach, outdoor dining. These are great activities that keep your pets active and socialized, but they are also opportunities for unwanted pests to hitch a ride on your four-legged furry family member and find their way into your home.

But unwanted pests take advantage of their curiosity

Many pests that harm humans can do the same to your pets. These include ticks, mosquitos, and bed bugs. Fall has begun here in Naples. As the weather gets better by the day, we are only more encouraged to spend time outdoors. Unfortunately, this means more opportunities for unwanted guests to enter your home.

Additionally, many neighborhoods are still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Downed branches, leaves, and tree trunks along the sides of roads are perfect spots for insects and rodents to hide. A curious pup looking to check out this interesting new attraction might be giving a host of unwanted pests a ride home.

That’s why a Pet-Friendly Pest Control Plan is important

The ongoing treating of your home to protect against infestation is especially important for families with pets. When you are ready to begin protecting your home, contact a local Naples Pest Control Company and ask about their pet-friendly pest control options.

And the Naples Pest Control Experts at PestMax® are here to help

As pest control professionals and pet owner ourselves, we understand the need for insecticides that are pet-safe. All household pesticides that we use have been approved by the EPA, and we will only spray where needed. If you are looking for pest control in Naples, Florida and are concerned about the safety of your pets, call us today to find out how we can help.

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