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Quarterly Pest Control – Is it worth it and do I need it?

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Stick around Southwest Florida long enough (and by that we mean about a week) and you’re guaranteed two things: It’s going to get hot and there’s going to be bugs. To combat the heat, we install air conditioners and lather on the sunscreen when we head to the beach. But what about pests? Should we just wait to deal with them as they become a nuisance, or should we take the fight to them?

Is quarterly pest control worth it? That’s the question we will be tackling today.

The first time you call a pest control company the best ones will send a qualified pest inspector at the earliest time convenient. If you’ve called the right team this individual will come equipped with the training to discover both the signs and type of infestation and be able to clearly explain immediate and long-term concerns and provide a solution.

Short Term Pest Control: Initial Treatment

This is a one-time application of treatment to your home’s interior and exterior. The treatment and methods will vary based on the type of infestation, but most treatments will last between 45 minutes and 3 hours. Treatment time and cost is most often determined by the size of your home or business.
Will I be okay with just the initial treatment? If you discovered an issue and immediately called a professional pest control company, you may be able to eliminate the problem with a one-time treatment. However, if you have been fighting an ongoing battle with pests it’s time to consider the benefits of a quarterly pest control program.

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Long Term Pest Control: Ongoing Pest Prevention Programs

If you ask us, quarterly pest control is as necessary as air conditioning in Southwest Florida. We share our little slice of paradise with numerous native and invasive insect and rodent species, and quarterly pest control serves as a reminder to those pests that your home is off limits.

Familiarity is another great benefit to quarterly pest control. Every opportunity that your designated pest specialist has to treat your property gives them a little more information about the structure of your home, and vulnerabilities that pests can take advantage of, such as rodents entering your home through cracks in your roof.
Quarterly pest prevention can provide treatments to help keep pests out of your home and can even prevent serious infestation issues through the discovery of cracks and crevices.

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How Much Does Quarterly Pest Control Cost?

Pricing for quarterly pest control can be affected by the type of pest infestation and the size of your home or business. Below you will find pricing for our basic pest control services.