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Top Ways Pests Get Inside Your Home – The Southwest Florida Edition

Top Ways Pests Enter Your Home | PestMax Pest Control Blog

We’re going to be honest with you: Southwest Florida, you have a bug problem. They’re sneaking in your open doors and windows as you let a cool breeze play through your home. They’re creeping in through cracks in your foundation when you close your windows and turn on the A/C. Getting in is what pests are good at, which is why an ongoing pest control program is so important.
However, that’s only half the battle, a battle your pest control guy knows well. Professional pest control companies will scope out your home to discover all potential areas of infiltration. And that’s what we’re talking about today:

Top Ways Pests Enter your Home

The entrance ways

We’re talking doors, windows, and patios. If you notice ants on your patio don’t be fooled. They won’t stop until they’ve made it into your kitchen. From cockroaches to termites and every type of bug in-between, they never refuse an invitation to your home in the form of an open window or door.

Opening your door is an inevitability, and so is that flying pest who just flew in while you struggled to get through your doorway carrying all those groceries. And if that flying insect happened to be a termite, you might soon find yourself with an expensive problem on your hands. Ongoing pest control is your best option for combating the inevitabilities of pests in your home.


The teeny tiny ways

To us they may be barely noticeable cracks in foundation and siding, but to pests they’re an open road. An invitation to gather their families and head for brighter frontiers which, unfortunately, is your home.

If you aren’t experiencing a pest infestation at the moment, now it the best time to grab that caulk gun and get to work!

The “ew, just ewww” ways

Certain pests hitchhike their way into your home by latching onto you or your clothing, or just something you bring in the house. Of all of the hitchhiker types, we hate bedbugs the most. If you are looking for tips to keep your home free of bedbugs our blog on bed bug prevention for travelers should help.

If it’s too late for prevention and you are already dealing with a full-on infestation just skip reading the rest of this and give us a call right now.

The wow ways

Soffits and fascia and roof vents oh my!

Southwest Florida, and especially Naples, is home to some of the most beautiful homes you will find in the entire country. One thing that all of these homes have in common is stunning architectural features. A home’s exterior flourishes make for a stunning wow factor, but they can also create closed in areas that serve as a home for any number of insects or rodents.

Proper sealing and maintenance helps to keep pests out. If you’re not sure if your house has been breached, contact a Naples pest control specialist, and ask for a free pest inspection.

The worst way of all

As we all recently witnessed, hurricane damage is unpredictable and no matter how prepared we, are at some point we have to just take cover, wait it out, and deal with the aftermath. Here in Naples, we’ve experienced an increase in insect activity within homes, and the biggest culprit has been breaches due to wind damage from Hurricane Irma. Broken windows, missing roof tiles, and damage caused by wind impact have opened all new avenues for insects to find their way into your home.