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Before you ever notice the first hints of a termite or rodent infestation there is a good chance they are already living it up inside your walls – nesting, breeding, and munching on wires. By the time you realize you have a pest problem, they have multiplied. What you may not know is that there is a pest control technology designed to confront and eliminate pests within your walls: wall injection pest control.

What is wall injection pest control?

Wall injection is a type of pest management system that uses tubing within your walls to apply pest control treatment. Wall injection pest control systems must be installed during your home or business construction, and some people even take advantage of renovation projects to install tube systems. Taking on an in-wall pest control system for an existing house is often just too expensive to be worthwhile.

How does it work?

During construction of your home or business, a perforated tube system is installed within your walls. Theses perforations are designed to deliver pest control applications to specific key spots within your walls. During a treatment session, your pest control specialist will inject the application into the tube and then a blast of air disperses the liquid through the tubing. The application exits the tubes as a mist, which helps to prevent accumulation inside your home.

Do I need wall injection pest control?

If you own a home in an area that experiences ongoing pest control problems, (we’re looking at you Naples, Bonita, and Fort Myers) and you have a wall injection system, you should consider keeping it serviced. One advantage to in-wall pest control is that your treatments can be applied by your pest control specialist without entering your home, which is great for those of us who are not year-round residents.

However, even with wall injection pest control you will need routine pest control treatments on the exterior. The tube system is designed to hit target locations within your wall, not cover it in pesticides. As such, resilient pests such as termites, cockroaches, and rodents may find another way into your home. After all, within your walls is just one way for pests to enter your home.

Wall Injection Pest Control in Naples, Florida

If you live in SW Florida and are interested in servicing your wall injection pest control system, call PestMax® first. We will send out a specialist to meet with you and begin the planning process required for the successful application of in-wall pest control.

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