All Things Pests! Sandcastle Radio Broadcast

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John Goll and Tim Kyger of PestMax Control Solutions visited Sandcastle Radio earlier this month to discuss the many ways in which pests can negatively affect our daily lives. The main topic of discussion was ants and the many different species of ants that reside in Florida. John said that the number one most common phone call request from customers was ant complaints. There are fifteen to twenty different species of ants in South West Florida. Ants will always be an issue for Florida residents, so knowing how to treat each species individually is essential for effective ant solutions. Ghost ants, crazy ants, Caribbean crazy ants, big headed ants, carpenter ants and white footed ants are all common to the South West Florida area.

Invasive Ants

The ant that is currently leading the pack in household nuisances is the ghost ant. The ghost ant is capable of adapting to many different environments. Its nests have been found indoors and outdoors. The ghost ant has also been known to nest in potted plants. These ants feed on insects that are both dead and alive. Crazy ants can be identified by the way they walk, not marching in a straight line like the traditional ant, but rather side to side or in a zig zag motion. Caribbean crazy ants are beginning to attract more attention due to their ability to completely take over an area. Caribbean crazy ants will take over a property, running off all other species of ants. All of the ant species that are present in the South West Florida area are mostly all transplants coming from other countries. Florida is surrounded almost completely by ocean; making ships, freighters and luggage great transportation for new ant insect species.

Choosing a Qualified Ant and Pest Control Company

John Goll also touched on the importance of consumers choosing a qualified pest control company. The industry is constantly changing and so it is necessary for pest control companies to do the same; keeping up on the latest pest control methods by continued training and education. When John first started in the business, the common pests to deal with were German roaches and pharaoh ants, and today its bed bugs and other various insects. Continued training and skill is essential to effective pest control service.

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Safer Pest Control Treatments

Pest control treatments are also much safer than they used to be. Back in the 1970’s pest control companies used as much pesticide as it took to wipe out pests, drenching areas with large amounts of chemical solutions. Today much safer and environmentally friendly methods are practiced. John emphasized the importance of limiting pesticides and using them only in specific and targeted areas. These practices will protect the consumer and have more successful results. Choosing a quality professional pest company is important when tackling pest and ant problems. Contact PestMax for all of your pest control needs!