Pest Control Solutions – Sandcastle Radio Broadcast

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Sandcastle Community Management recently hosted Tim Kyger and Mike Sealie from PestMax and discussed the different aspects of pest solutions in South West Florida. South West Florida is home to a massive amount of wildlife and bugs that people who are new to the area may not recognize or even be frightened by. Tim and Mike talked about the importance of IPM, or Integrated Pest Management. Thirty years ago the pest control business generally consisted of mass amounts of pesticides being sprayed around the home. Consumers wanted their homes thoroughly soaked with chemicals making sure there was no way that the bugs or insects that were invading their homes were alive. Soon people began to realize that those chemicals that were being heavily sprayed were producing unwanted effects. In 1972 the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, began to label all pesticides.

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management has changed the way that pests are exterminated. Nowadays, rather than spraying a home on every possible surface that the eye can see to kill all bugs, we strive to stop pests before they even become an issue. Taking a more proactive approach to pest management has proven to be extremely effective and much safer for consumers. PestMax services a variety of associations; from condos, heavily foliaged areas, golf courses and agricultural areas. One aspect of pest control that makes PestMax stand out from the rest is priority they put on identifying a property’s needs. It is vital to develop a program that is specifically suited to each individual customer. There is no “one size fits all” in the pest control business. PestMax takes special care with each customer; identifying their needs and fulfilling each task completely. It is also important to work within each customer’s budget. PestMax strives to keep both pests and costs at a minimum.

What Sets PestMax Apart from other Pest Management Companies?

Mike and Tim mentioned that John Goll cares for his employees just as much as he does for his customers. He ensures that each individuals needs are met. PestMax strives to have the highest level of integrity. All PestMax employees are proud to work for a company that feels like family. Education is an integral part of pest control service. PestMax has the tools necessary for effective and efficient pest control service. They are equipped with the most updated equipment and technology. PestMax is a QualityPro Company, which is a title given out only through the NPMA. Continued education, skill level and care for customers sets PestMax apart from all other pest management companies.

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