PestMax Pest Control Uses Less Pesticide

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That’s why the professionals at PestMax developed the 3PMAX service to reliably eliminate pests in a way that’s safe for families and the environment.

What is 3PMAX Integrated Pest Management?
3PMAX is PestMax’s integrated pest management service. It provides maximum pest protection, maximum preservation of the environment, and maximum peace of mind.
What is integrated pest management?
It’s a more modern form of pest control that combines the minimal, precise use of pesticides with the latest targeted strategies to eliminate pests where they live.
Integrated pest management is being used more and more by the best pest control companies. It’s more effective, safer for families, and better for the environment.

How does PestMax’s 3PMAX integrated pest management compare to older, less sophisticated pest control service?

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3PMAX Integrated Pest Management

  • Uses minimal pesticides, targeted only where necessary
  • Kills pests in the home and the ones yet to invade
  • Greatly reduces exposure to family and pets
  • Greatly reduces runoff into surrounding water
  • Greatly reduces effect on beneficial insects
  • Kills pests where they live
  • Eliminates outdoor sources so pests don’t invade again
  • Takes a little more time to eliminate from the source

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Other Pest Company Treatment

  • Broadly soaks house with puddles of chemicals
  • Kills pests only after they’ve invaded the home
  • Exposes family and pets to unnecessary pesticides
  • Introduces pesticides into the surrounding water
  • Kills beneficial insects indiscriminately
  • Doesn’t address the source of the infestation
  • Pests can invade again if outdoor nests aren’t killed
  • Makes it seem like all pests are gone (but they’re not)

[/kc_column_text][/kc_column_inner][/kc_row_inner][kc_spacing height=”20px”][kc_column_text]You might be wondering: if it’s so much better, why doesn’t everyone use integrated pest management? Good question! The answer is that it takes extra training and certification, extra experience, and extra time to explain the benefits to customers. Some pest control companies don’t want to put forth the effort. We do![/kc_column_text][/kc_column][/kc_row]