Pest Control Bonita Springs

Pest Control Bonita Springs


Life in Bonita Springs, Florida couldn’t be better. Year-round sunshine keep us active, beautiful beaches keep us relaxed, and endless possibilities for fun on the water give us fun filled weekends. Unfortunately, unwanted pests are just as attracted to life in Bonita Springs as you are. Don’t let rodents, termites, bed bugs, and a plethora of other pests ruin your tropical paradise. PestMax® is here to put an end to your pest problem.

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Uninvited house guests of the creepy crawly category are a nuisance, and you need the professional pest control touch to clear them out. The first step to great Bonita Springs pest control is discovering the severity of the infestation. Our free pest control inspection can determine an action plan based on the extent of your infestation.

Bonita Springs Pest Control - Fight the Southwest Florida Pest Menace!

We fight the good fight against pests in your home or business!

Bonita Springs residents come in many varieties. We have year-round homeowners who call Bonita Springs home 365 days a year. We also have seasonal homeowners who travel south to escape the cold. And we can’t forget vacationers taking advantage of our fabulous rental properties. Each type of resident has one important thing in common: they don’t want pests invading, no matter the time of year.

Initial infestation elimination and customized preventative pest control programs from PestMax® keeps your home or business pest free year-round. Let us help you take back your home. Our initial pest inspections are free, our prices are competitive, and you can save when you bundle extermination and prevention packages.


Why choose us as your Bonita Springs Pest Control heroes?

PestMax® is proud of our reputation as a leader in Bonita Springs pest control and prevention. Our custom extermination and prevention plans are just the beginning of what makes us unique:

• Free comprehensive pest inspection of your home or business
• Flexible scheduling
• Custom extermination and prevention plans
• Affordable pricing bundles
• Pet-friendly pest control methods
• 100% money back guarantee
• Same day service
• 24/7 immediate response

Pest Control and Prevention Services Offered in our Bonita Springs, Florida Location


When the good citizens of Bonita Springs need pest control, the heroes of PestMax® are always here answer the call. And we have been since 1999! When you discover bed bugs in your mattress in the middle of the night, call us. When you wake to the sounds of scurrying insects, we are here to search and destroy. No matter your pest control problem, PestMax® is here to answer the call. When the pest menace calls, we are the answer.

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