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Just like most people, silverfish love a good book, a nice hunk of bread and a warm fire! The truth is that if you have a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, attic, crawl space or basement, you may have silverfish. They are most often found during the winter months searching for a damp, dark vacation spot. Although they are not really a danger to humans or animals, PestMax® understands that they can be a nuisance and are ready to assist you in removing them. These pests like starches and sugars and have a wide variety of diet including:

  • Shampoo
  • Book binding (glue)
  • Linens
  • Wallpaper glue
  • Other insect parts and dead insects
  • Unopened packages of food


Even though silverfish are not harmful to humans, an infestation is destructive to many areas of the home. Wallpaper will start to peel back and you may notice little holes in linens, not to mention the mess of their waste! Since this is a winter pest, be sure you have sealed your place up tightly when the weather starts to cool! Having PestMax® perform an annual inspection for possible pest problems and un-identified openings is a good way to prevent a problem. Prevention is less traumatizing than evicting an infestation of any kind! PestMax® technicians will educate and discuss the findings with you and offer pest control options for preventing or best treating any pest problems. Our technicians are certified and continually educated on pest and insect behaviors!


The following are some preventative and maintenance practices to consider implementing:

  • Installing dehumidifiers in crawlspaces
  • Keeping basement screens open and properly screened
  • Using plastic containers with well fitting lids for storage in garages
  • Applying caulking to all baseboards
  • Putting laundry away immediately as piles of damp towels or laundry is a silverfish heaven
  • Employing good housekeeping practices

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