Servicing SWFL since 1999!

Like the Avengers where each member has a specialized talent that makes them the fighters of evil, the pest control heros of PestMax® are the heroes on our pest management team! They are certified and highly experienced in searching for and destroying any un-invited pests in your home or business. With just a phone call, a hero will race to your rescue!

PestMax is here to help you in your fight against the pest menace!

We’ve helped hundreds of families and landlords with bed bug infestations, so we know what you’re going through right now. We’ve been providing effective pest control services since 1999. We care about doing a good job for our customers and their families because we have families too. We know what it feels like when pests invade our personal space! We want to treat you the same way we’d want to be treated if it were our home or family.

From Cape Coral and Fort Myers, down to Bonita Springs and Naples, our Florida communities are home to many insects and rodents that can cause homeowners structural and emotional damage. Often times an infestation is not found until a frustrated client calls for an inspection, only to find that the continual parade of creepy crawlers has been setting up house for quite some time. PestMax® is here to save the day with just a phone call!

Serving since 1999, PestMax® is family-owned and offers an Integrated Pest Management approach to controlling pests. Our certified, experienced professionals target pests where they live.

Our pest service areas include:

Fort Myers
Cape Coral
Pine Island
Leigh Acres
Estero / San Carlos Park
Bonita Springs
North Naples
Marco Island

PestMax® does not use a one size fits all approach; we develop a custom plan of action for each of our valued pest control and termite service clients according to their specific needs and circumstances. We offer residential pest control and commercial pest management programs.

Protection, Preservation & Peace of Mind

We pride ourselves in offering our 3P’s to each of our customers:
1. Maximum Pest Control Protection
2. Maximum Termite Control Preservation
3. Maximum PEACE of mind!


Using current products and methods, will rid your home of pests. We understand that in some situations pests reappear.

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Using our Clean and Green Heat, we can bring the raw power of 500,000 BTU heaters to bear on those dastardly foes. 

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Start with Pest Control, Termite Control or Rodent Control. Bundle together any two of these services and save $100.

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We strive to make the entire pest control process easier on you. Which is why we offer easy-to-use online payments.

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Meet our HeroesThe pest control professionals at PestMax® are the heroes on our pest management team!

John GollG-Force

John specializes in accelerating each hero to greater powers. His skills help bring each PestMax Hero in unison with each other to create an unparalleled team to fight each pest menace you may encounter. His action in the community is to re-enforce the message that You are Not Alone when it comes to dealing with pest villains. You have a hero by your side ready to fight for YOU!

Timothy KygerMcKyger

Tim knows pests and has special problem solving talents few others possess. Whether it’s the toughest bed bug problem, termites chewing on your house or rats finding an opening, Tim’s knack for finding and eliminating the problem is uncanny.

Tom ManganTommy Noble

Also Known as the Maestro, Tom is always in teaching form.  With his 30+ years of residential and commercial pest control experience and speed reading skills, Tom is able to take in new information and distribute it to the other heroes so we stay trained in the latest ways the Villianous Pests are out to get us.  With the Maestro’s skills in action, your Pestmax Heroes always Win!

Jose GuttierezGutz

Gutz is not afraid of any pest situation.  If the pest is a difficult challenge, Gutz draws upon his many years of experience to put an end to whatever invasion comes your way.  Sometimes though, it’s not about knowledge or technique, it’s just, “Do I have the Gutz to do it?” . At Pestmax, we do have the Gutz!

Luis BetancourtCourtside

When it comes to being there for our customers no matter what, you can bet that Luis will be there with a Courtside seat.  Never scared to get close to the action, Luis takes on challenges and solves them on a daily basis.  If you want to put a Full Court press on your pests, go Courtside with Luis.

Chantel GrassCoco Puff

Known for her High Energy and fun spirit, Coco Puff can make anyone’s day bright again.  When you call Pestmax, Chantel is quick to answer your call and get the message to the correct Hero of need. Not wanting to be known only for her great personality, she delves into her profession to excel in each area and create a winning experience for YOU!

Anthony CliftonCliffhanger

Nothing is too hard or too challenging for “Cliffhanger”.  Anthony uses the latest tools and techniques to accomplish what few others would ever dream about when it comes to protecting his customers from Pests.  Anthony brings excitement to the job and leaves you wanting more to see what other amazing things he can do.

Mike BlevinsMaster Mike

Master Mike is always devising new and better ways to deliver our hero service.  He comes to work every day super charged and ready for a new challenge, you can feel comfortable knowing you’re in good hands when Master Mike is on the job.

Mike SealiePosturepedic Mike

Posturepedic Mike brings peace of mind to our customers who find out about a pest problem on their property.  With his thirst for knowledge and ability to share it with others, Mike brings exceptional relief to those looking for answers.  Never known as a “Salesman”, Mike is a solver of pest problems who makes sure you can sleep better at night.

Eric ThummFonzarelli

With both Thumms up, Eric is cool like the Fonz.  Never intimidated by the tough jobs, Eric loves to be thrown in with the tough bed bug jobs, Africanized honey-bee extractions, wildlife removal and more.  For cool, calm and collected…Eric is the man! …Heeeyyyyy!

Casey JamesBrain

Casey’s ability to think through situations and come up with an Integrated Pest Management solution to your pest problem sets him apart from regular pest technicians in the industry.  Combining “street smarts” with “book smarts” and a thirst to know more, you can count on the Brain to handle any household pest situation

Mike LambSmooth Operator

Been known to lure the pests out with his jazzy voice.  Also a master with his calendar, he always finds a way to make time for his customers and solve their pest problems.

Thomas HaydenBeastmaster

To Thomas, the tougher the job the better it is. If you’ve encountered bees coming through your wall, rodents eating pipes in your attic or bed bugs keeping you awake at night, then Thomas is your man.

Doug SmithwickBraveheart

Doug relentlessly fights for freedom from pests for each customer he meets. He doesn’t back down or give in and is always ready for a standoff. When it comes to the battle against pests, you definitely want Braveheart on your side.

Reinaldo BonillaThe Striker

Reinaldo needs just one try to strike the pests out. Specializing in Fumigation and Bed Bug Heat services Reinaldo goes to your property ONCE and the job is done. He strikes the pests dead!

Josh ChianeseNinja

Like a Ninja, Josh is lightning quick with his response time to his customers and he has an array of tools/weapons to take down each predator pest that is threatening to invade their homes!

Nathan SheldonTermiNATEr

When the TermiNATEr comes to protect your home from pests you can say HASTA LA VISTA to all your pest problems! Nate works hard to learn and apply the best methods and technologies of pest elimination and you can trust that if a pest ever tries to come back...HE’LL BE BACK!