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Professional Termite Fumigation & Tenting Service

Termites cause more damage to homes every year than any other insect. Not only do termites eat through the wood of your home, but they can also devour your dry wall and insulation, wreaking havoc on the structural integrity of your house. Once termites have entered into your home, they can be extremely difficult to remove without professional assistance. Termites can multiply at a rapid rate and grow their nests to be millions in population. Fumigation and tenting from PestMax® will completely clear your home of termites.

How to Prepare for Fumigation of Termites

PestMax® will eliminate termites from your home using the fumigation process. In order to prepare for this process, you must make arrangements for your family and pets to stay away from the house for several days. The entire fumigation process can take up to seventy two hours so be sure to pack everything you and your family may need for three days. Unfortunately, extreme rain and wind can prevent the fumigation process from being effective, so good weather is also needed. Do not be frustrated if an appointment must be rescheduled due to poor weather. We want you to receive the best possible treatment that will render the most effective results.

Fumigation Preparation Checklist

  • Remove all people and pets from the building.
  • Turn off your gas, air conditioning and all other heat sources.
  • Unplug appliances and clear off cluttered areas to ensure that you receive the best possible treatment.

Fumigation Safety

Tent Fumigation Preparation & Safety

PestMax® is a professional pest control company who is fully licensed to fumigate and tent your home for the proper removal of pests and rodents. The technicians at PestMax® are fully certified to carry out this service and leave your home free and clear of insect infestations. Fumigation is a hazardous operation and requires the highest level of experience, to ensure that your home is safe for you and your family. PestMax® technicians take every precaution while preparing for and during the process of fumigation and tenting, making your home a pest free dwelling and a safe living environment post fumigation as well. After the fumigant is properly vented, no toxic gas remains in the home.

Proper Safety from the Dangers of Fumigation Tenting

PestMax® technicians are skilled and experienced in post operation ventilation, ensuring that the air in your home is completely clear and clean of any poisonous chemicals or pesticides. The most common gas used during the fumigation and tenting process is sulfuryl fluoride. Sulfuryl fluoride is toxic to humans who inhale it, and at high levels of concentration or extended periods of exposure the gases can lead to death. The technicians at PestMax® use different techniques to minimize human exposure and secure the home. Some of these techniques include tear gas, locks and barricades on all entryways.

Professional Fumigation to Minimize Health Risks

When the PestMax® technicians have completed the fumigation process inside of your home, the tent over the treatment area is removed and the fumigant gasses diffuse into the air. Following six to eight hours of ventilation, your PestMax® technician will use devices to detect trace amounts of sulfuryl fluoride in the air. Re-entry into the home is not permitted until sulfuryl fluoride levels are one part per million or less. PestMax® technicians will make sure your home is completely safe to enter after the fumigation process has been completed. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!